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Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy

Baby Lulu, Inc.

Erin Murphy's childhood passion for design and sewing became a dream of creating beautiful, timeless clothing for kids. She realized her dream with Baby Lulu, a leading label that has brought beautifully designed and carefully crafted children's apparel to market for over a decade.

Erin began sewing at the age of four, and making clothes for her niece and nephew at age ten. Her unique sense of style and keen eye for color were immediately apparent. She continued to hone her craft at Brooks Design School in Long Beach, marking the beginning of her professional career in the apparel industry.

Erin's artful skill and unfailing work ethic quickly brought her success in textile design for the missy and women's market segments, but soon her irrepressible desire to make children's clothing reemerged.

'I had been hand-painting kids' overalls as gifts,' says Murphy, and I took them to Fred Segal and other stores around town every week they were calling to reorder.'

Unsatisfied with fabrics that didn't embody her vision, Erin took inspiration from vintage tablecloths and textiles and designed the fabrics that would become her signature, applying new, trend-savvy color palettes, and combining them in fresh ways. She then created patterns that emphasized proper fit and Baby Lulu was born. "Other labels may just re-grade the pattern and not refit it. Three-year-olds still have a bit of a tummy but when they're five, the whole proportion of their body changes."

Erin's creativity and attention to quality and detail didn't go unnoticed; it won her three Earnie Awards for girls' infant/toddler casual design, in addition to a wide and loyal consumer following.

Success begets success, and from humble beginnings, Erin and her partner Leland Smith have broadened their offerings to include: a line of sleepwear, swimwear, undergarments, bedding and necklaces under the expanded Baby Lulu brand. Also included in the brand are our two licenses of coordinating bracelets by Chloe Emma Designs and Diaper bags by Timi & Leslie.

An avid and accomplished athlete, Erin Murphy balances her work and personal life with exercise that she feels is vital to her success. Surfing in the summer, snow skiing in the winter, running marathons and working out many times a week are just some of the ways she keeps her lifestyle in balance.

Of course, all of Erin's passions fall second to her love for and dedication to being a mom. Erin has been blessed with a daughter, Chloe and a son Everett; beautiful, dynamic children who keep Erin on her toes, not to mention providing constant inspiration and input for Baby Lulu designs.